A funky fantabulous menagerie of handmade fashion and home decor items.

I discovered I had a love for individuality and expression a long time ago. An incessant need to dive into colorful expression using paint, textiles, fibers, metals, anything and everything it takes to make an object of beauty that others could enjoy and take home. I've always made statement pieces that say.. " Search, look deeply, there is excellent in productivity." "Explore who you are and be the best you can be." Don't stop. Don't give up. Trust the process." Creativity is dreams come alive. It is also abandonment. Lost is possibility. Lost in until it is finished. Lost until my objects of beauty have found their way into the heart and hands of it's rightful owner. You. Explore the pages of Jazzie menagerie. Explore FB. Explore my Pinterest. There you will find beauty, pleasure and wonderment.

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Lynn @ Jazzie Menagerie